Re: Saving netCDF files

Kevin, et al-

Bill Hibbard wrote:

If you want to save a VisAD data object and read back as you
saved it, consider using (name
inspired by spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam).

or spam.eggs.spam.SpamForm ;-)

It can save
data using Java serialization, or a custom VisAD binary
format. The Data object will come back exactly as it was

I would suggest the binary form since serialization has
it's own set of problems with version changes.

But of course, if you want to exchange data with non-VisAD
software, then netCDF is better.

As Steve pointed out, the VisAD Data model is much richer
than the netCDF model.  While you can model any netCDF data
in VisAD, the reverse is not true.

One other point about Bill's suggestion is that if you use
the VisAD form, then you also retain any coordinate
systems.  These are lost in netCDF output.

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