Re: color scaling


> > Great suggestion, Curtis. But my recent strategy has been to
> > keep the core VisAD functionality stable, so I think it would
> > be best to do this in the application. Hope that's not a
> > problem.
> Since it wouldn't change the existing behavior and would be
> a good enhancement that is controlled by the user, I'm not
> sure why this would destabilize the VisAD core?
> Maybe there's more to it than Curtis's description?

It would be a pretty complex change in an area of code
that no one but me has ever worked in. My general
attitude is to resist such changes if the need can be
addressed in applications, especially when they are for
changes that haven't been previously requested by other
users. I ma concerned about making complex code more
complex, and introducing new bugs (especially some that
may not manifest until years later).

I am open to changes that are truly needed by applications,
such as the extensive changes that Unidata (specifically
Jeff McWhirter) made to reduce garbage collection. Another
good example is the change for multi-resolution displays
that VisBio needed.

Curtis and I have communicated privately about this, and
I am open to his change if he thinks he really needs it.


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