Re: I need a simple example about visad+jython+netcdf

Hi Adil,

> I am realy new to visad and i hope somebody can help me.
> I need  simple examples of using netcdf data with jython+visad
> which consists of reading netcdf data, passing them to arrays and
> plotting.

If you download the netCDF file:

then the simple Python program:

  a = load("")

will read and plot the netcdf file.

There is a slightly more complex example in visad/python/
which reads the netCDF file:

Note assumes the file is in the ../examples/
directory, but you can edit to read the file
from the current directory.

And if you get Kevin's program and file, that will be a
more complete example. You will need to spend some time
studying Ugo's and Tom's tutorials in order to learn
how to use VisAD.

Good luck,

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