Re: I need a simple example about visad+jython+netcdf

Hello Adil,

I have a simple example like you are requesting, but it does not use Jython. Tom Whittaker has a great VisAd/Jython tutorial at:

If you would like a copy of my example program along with the netcdf file let me know and I will send it to you as it is rather large. Also, take a look through the examples supplied with the VisAd distribution, particularly the example.

Hope this helps.


Adil Sozer wrote:
Hi all,
I am realy new to visad and i hope somebody can help me.

I need  simple examples of using netcdf data with jython+visad
which consists of reading netcdf data, passing them to arrays and plotting.

                                 Adil Sozer
                                 METU Institute of Marine Sciences

Kevin L. Manross        [KD5MYD] <><          (405)-366-0557
CIMMS Research Associate               kevin.manross@xxxxxxxx

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