Display.IsoContour and transparency


i have a problem with isosurfaces and transparency. If i pass 2 Sets, volume data mapped to Display.IsoContour and a surface (may be of an airplane) mapped to RGB or RGBA, to a display it is sometimes not possible to see the surface. My idea now is to give the volume data a ConstantMap with Display.Alpha.

         new ConstantMap[]{new ConstantMap(0.2, Display.Red),
         new ConstantMap(0.6, Display.Green),
         new ConstantMap(0.6, Display.Blue),
         new ConstantMap(0.9, Display.Alpha)});

display3D.addReference ( surface_ref);

The problem is, that now i can see the box edges through the isosurface but the surface is always hidden. Is it impossible or have it to be done in a different way?


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