Re: Rendering an image fixed to Screen


I came back from leave and noticed some mention of having
objects on a VisAD display which stay fixed relative to the Frame.

Last year I did some work to allow convenient drawing of things
like scaleBars and headings which stay in the one place on the
screen. The drawing is all done using the integer pixel coordinate
system of the display. Font sizes are also given in pixel values.

Objects can be layered by giving them an appropriate "z" value so
that labels can be written over filled boxes.

Images can also be dislayed for logo's and so forth.

The text is drawn using VisAD PlotText routines and will look just
like the usual text drawn in VisAD. I have experimented with Java3D
fonts but the difference between that and Font in VisAD is small.

If you would like to see an example then you can get the files
ScreenAnnotator.jar and up.gif from

anonymous ftp at 

The jar file includes an example program which you can run by including
ScreenAnnotator.jar (before visad.jar) in your CLASSPATH. If it comes
after visad.jar the vertical justification is dodgy.

java EgScreenAnnotator should run. It has some time delays in it to allow
you to see things before they change.

The jar file contains all the classes and source files as well as a jar
file of the javadoc.

Please note that this is partly completed work and currently has
dependencies on using DisplayImplJ3D. I hope to generalise the stuff
in the future.



Bureau of Meteorology
Phone (03) 9669 4827

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