Re: slow 2d image generation

Hi Jim...

Sorry, I missed typed last night. You should use parentheses for the range values. The square brackets are used for options [units, miss, etc]. See section IIIb of the README.text file.

Please let me know if you have any more problems with this. (Especially since I always use comma-separated values... ;-)


Jim Cookas wrote:

tom, all

thanks a ton for the looks like this will be the method of 
choice for speeding up image display...i implemented the changes today, but i'm 
having a problem getting the image to display...i think it is a problem with my 
ascii file format...

i am using tab-spaced is what test.tsv looks like:

Down_Range[-755.383:755.383]    Cross_Range[-755.383:755.383]   RCS
[ 256 RCS values for Down_Range #0 ]
[ 256 RCS values for Down_Range #1 ]
[ 256 RCS values for Down_Range #255 ]

when i try to load this file into visad, i get these messages at the terminal:

Unit name negative sign follows 
decimal point with -755.383:755.383
Unit name negative sign follows 
decimal point with -755.383:755.383

any ideas on the problem?...thanks again!!


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I believe that part of the slowness in "reading" is that the form of your data is producing an IrregularSet, which VisAD needs to "triagulate" when it does the display. If your data points are a "regular grid" (meaning, regular/constant spacing between data points) you can use the format:

Down_Range[-755.383:-200], Cross_Range[-755.838:-500], RCS

(where the '-200' and '-500' should be the actual ending values for the sample domain. If you do this, and then put all the RCS values (along the Cross_Range)for a single Down_Range on one input line. The text reader will compute the actual domain sampling coordinate for each "RCS" value. When you do this, the TextAdapter will make a Gridded2DSet for the sampling domain, and it is handled faster than the IrregularSet.

Of course, there will be some overhead for reading and decoding the text in either case, so I agree with JimK -- you may want to create your own reader.


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