Re: Rendering an image

Hi Don,

> I'd like to be able to add an image to a VisAD display
> using the ScreenLockedRendererJ3D.  This might a logo,
> or a legend that is stored as a GIF or JPEG image.  I'd
> like to position it with ConstantMaps to the display
> axes.

I'm a little confused. Using ScreenLockedRendererJ3D will
fix the position of the image relative to the screen,
rather than the display axes. If your Data were a simple
geometry rather than an image, you could display it as a
Shape and use ConstantMaps to the XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis
will fix it relative to the axes. I think the only way to
fix an image relative to the axes is to use ScalarMapListeners
added to the spatial ScalarMaps, to listen for AUTO_SCALE
and MANUAAUTO_SCALEL ScalarMapEvents, and adjust the object
position and scale appropriately. Fortunately these events
do not generally vary frequently or continuously, so you
can probably just recompute a new domain Set for your
image FlatField. Each time you construct a new FlatField,
call its setSamples() method with copy = false so you can
reuse the same pixel array.

Good luck,