RE: center of rotation for three-d views?

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>Yes, you can do anything you want with the getMatrix()
>and setMatrix) methods of ProjectionControl. For a
>DisplayImplJ3D, this is just the standard Java3D 4x4
>matrix. You can create an extension of the MouseBehaviorJ3D
>class to interpret mouse events in new ways. Your extension
>must have the constructor signatures that takes a
>DisplayRendererJ3D argument, then you pass the class of
>your extension to DisplayRendererJ3D constructor that
>takes the 'Class mbj3dClass' argument.

I was wondering if I might have a few signposts here; what methods
in the extension of MouseBehavior3D would need to be implemented? Or
would I need to create a new version of MouseHelper?

On a different note, is it possible to have "pick-like" things happen on
a hover, rather than on a "click"? (Such as popping up information on the
point you are over)

Thanks, Donna

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