Re: center of rotation for three-d views?

Hi Donna,

> I have a three-dimensional view, and I am wondering, when I rotate using
> the mouse (the default action), what is the "center of rotation"? It
> doesn't seem to be the center of my object (which is what I would like).
> Is there a way to change the center of rotation?

The center of rotation for mouse rotations in a DisplayImplJ3D
should be the origin of 3-D graphics coordinates. That is,
(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) in (XAxis, YAxis, ZAxis). However center of
your object may not be at this origin. It depends on the
explicit or implict (auto-scaled) calles to setRange() for
your ScalarMaps to XAxis, YAxis and ZAxis.

Good luck,

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