Re: setting constant map properties


Bill Hibbard wrote:

It will probably be easiest if you save your DataReferences
in your own arrays or Vectors. You can remove them from the
DisplayImpl by a call to removeReference(), then add again
with the new ConstantMap values.

In our IDV, we have a wrapper class for a DataReference
(DisplayableData) that allows us to control this.  Each
DisplayableData object can listen for changes to it's
associated ConstantMaps and then the knows how to tell
the display to remove the DataReference and re-add it with
the new ConstantMaps.

You could consider something like this, or as Bill says,
keep your own tabs on the DataRefs in a List.

Some of the other folks on the list have written complex
applications that may do something like this - perhaps they
can add to this?

There is one big performance hit in this. Changing ConstantMaps
on a DataReference causes the entire display to be rebuilt.
But, it's still the way to do it.

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