RE: Questions about Contour2D class

Hi David,

Please communicate through the mailing list.

> Thanks,
>       Yes I looked at Ugo's tutorial.  It looks good and is very concise.
> The reason I have been steered word Contour2D is because it is the primary
> class used to generate the contours in ADDS.  I am just trying to follow the
> path of least resistance.  I am really open to trying to use the "whole" API
> rather than just pieces.

The path of least resistance doesn't go through Contour2D.
If it did, we would discuss Contour2D in our tutorial and
other docs.

> Question, If I use it as a library, Is it fairly straight forward to take an
> array of values say, temperature plots with their corresponding latitude)
> and longitude) values.
> (I have a point transformer latlon to screenxy) and turn it into a "contour"
> object that I can serialize and send to a remote applet?  Feel free to swat
> me if this is discussed in the tutorial.

See section 3.5 and 3.6 of the tutorial. Applets are tricky
with 3-D. See visad/examples/ for an example of
one way to send displays to Applets. You can also just call
the getImage() method of DisplayImpl and send the returned
BufferedImage to your Applet.

Good luck,