Re: orientation of axis labels

Hi Donna-

Donna L Gresh wrote:
I looked in the archives, but didn't find this addressed.
I have a three-d object, that when I view from the default viewpoint, has reasonable axis labels. However, I also need to look at it from the "left" side (using a z axis rotation of -90 degrees), and in this case the vertical axis now appears on the right, and backward (like this:

Is there any way to force the labels to be "redrawn" to be reasonable with respect to the current viewpoint?
Any help would be appreciated

There is no way to do what you want at present.  You can set which
side of the box you want the scale on (AxisScale.setSide()), but it
is all in relation to looking at the box from the plane of the axis.

Maybe Bill has some ideas on this, but I think it would take
a bit to allow for auto-rotating of the axis labels as you rotate
the box.

You can play around with ScaleTest in the visad/examples
directory to see if that gives you any ideas.  Alternatively,
maybe changing your axis mappings would help (X to Z, Y to X
or some such combination).

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