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Thanks Bill and Ian,

While I might still try the warped 3D cone, I am currently focusing on creating an ellipse at descrete points along the radar radial. I have sucessfully created the ellipse and will soon map it to lat/lon/elev coords and resample the terrain data.

My new question with this technique is can VisAd tell me the percentage of data that fills the ellipse?

More specifically, if I use a Gridded2DSet (ellipse) to resample terrain data (lat,lon)->alt, is there a (simple) way to calculate the number of alt values that have been sampled with respect to the size of the ellipse?


           *        *
          *    |     *
          *    ||    *
           *  |||   *

20% of the ellipse is filled by alt values.

Thanks for your help!


Bill Hibbard wrote:

> If you mean a cone in the sense of a 2-D surface in 3-D space then
> I recommend constructing it as a Gridded3DSet with manifold dimension
> = 2. The constructor is:
>   public Gridded3DSet(MathType type, float[][] samples, int lengthX,
>                       int lengthY)
> the samples array is dimensioned float[3][lengthX * lengthY], it
> contains the 3-D coordinates of a curved 2-D grid embedded in 3-D
> space. Think of drawing a rectangular grid on the surface of a
> traditional cone, then bending and warping that cone to be your
> "irregular" cone.
> If your ray path is a set of curves in 2-D, as in your web page,
> then you can draw the lines each as a Gridded2DSet with manifold
> dimension = 1.

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