Creating 3D Cone


I would like to create a 3D cone representing a radar beam path. I have been successful in creating an accurate 1D beam path using the radar's elevation angle and a "standard atmosphere" - for those of you meteorology minded folks.

As I take the next step to create a 3D (or even a 2D) beam width, I need to have the flexibility to account for changes in the index of refraction in the atmosphere, hence I believe I will need to create the beam "top" and beam "bottom" as seperate 1D entities.

If you go to:

and look at right panel of the image at the bottom of the page, you will see that the radar "Ray Path", as it is called here, can bend given varying atmospheric conditions. It is also possible that conditions exist where the top of the beam path deviates differently from the bottom of the beam path.

For this reason, I am considering trying to create a 3D cone from several Irregular2DSets (man dim = 1). Would this be the approach to take, or would this be heading down the wrong path?

Thank you very much for your help!


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