Re: Java 3d now available for OS X

Hi Josh,

> Apple recently released Java 3D code for OS X (see
>  Before i run out
> and buy Panther and go through the installation
> hassles, has anyone had success getting visad to work
> with the new code?

Yes, but note that discussions of Java 3D for OS X are subject to a
non-disclosure agreement, so cannot be discussed on this mailing list:

   ... These developer seeds fall under Apple Developer Connection NDA
   and should not be discussed on public mailing lists. Please see the
   release notes (also available on the ADC download site) for more
   information on proper feedback channels, as well as installation
   instructions and known issues with the previews. [Nov 21 2003]

There has been some discussion on Apple's "java-seed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
mailing list.  You can join Apple Developer Connection for free and
download and install the Java 3D developer preview.  Web Start, which
is built in to Mac OS X, then works fine to start Unidata's IDV

for example.



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program