VisAD mailing lists moved to

The lists have moved as follows:

  visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx       to  visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  visad-renderer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   to  visad-renderer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please send to the new addresses from now on. If you forget,
the old addresses are aliased to the new addresses. Unidata
policy is that their lists only accept posts from subscribers,
and there are many folks on these lists who post from different
addresses than they subscribe from. I'm sorry to say those
folks will need to change their habits. The good news is that
this will stop the spam.

For more details see:

I am very grateful to Unidata for taking over management of
the VisAD mailing lists.

Nothing else has changed: the web pages, ftp servers, etc are
not changing.