ImageJ and VisAD

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, VisAD has included ImageJ (both source
and class files) in its distribution for some time now. However,
VisAD does not rely heavily on ImageJ for its functionality; in
fact, the only packages that really use it are

Some people, myself included, have wanted ImageJ to be
upgradeable independently of VisAD, so that no one has to wait
for us to roll out a new version of VisAD to get the latest
ImageJ bugfixes.

Therefore, we have decided to remove ImageJ from the VisAD
distribution, and converted any dependencies within the VisAD
core to use reflection, much as we do for packages like Jython,
QuickTime, JAI and JAMA. This change will take effect next time
we update VisAD on the FTP server (usually within week or two).

As a result, VisAD will still compile fine, but if your
software relies on the or
packages, you will now receive an exception telling you that
ImageJ is missing, unless you include ij.jar in the CLASSPATH.

You can find the latest ImageJ release at:

Please let the list know if you have any questions or concerns.