Re: Possible XFree86-DRI solution and a different display problem

Hi Kevin,

> So I guess the question becomes, can I force the order in which the
> displays load?

Yes. Before you make any calls to addReference(s) for the
DisplayImpl that should go second, call its disableAction()
method. Also construct a DisplayListener and add it to the
first DisplayImpl. When it gets a DisplayEvent.TRANSFORM_DONE,
then call the enableAction() method of the second DisplayImpl.
Rather than construct a DisplayListener, you could probably
just call getImage(true) on the first DisplayImpl.

Thanks for the output. I'll take a look when I get back to
work. You might look to see if there is any linkage between
setRange() calls for your two DisplayImpls, that makes it
matter which finishes first (it shouldn't matter).

Good luck,

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