When resizing window display not repainting when using DisplayImp lJ3D

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I have my display added to a JFrame.  Recently it has not been repainting if
I resize the window.  If I drag to resize, it will sometimes repaint when I
resize just a little, but if I resize alot or maximize my display to
encompass the whole screen it does not resize.  This worked before.  I am
not sure if this behaviour started happening when I upgraded my java version
to 1.4.2_01 or when I upgraded my visad version yesterday.  I am using the
DirectX version of java3D 1.3.1.

This only happens when I use:

display = new DisplayImplJ3D("3D Display", new TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D());

I changed back to:

display = new DisplayImplJ2D(displayFileName);

and it works fine.

I had changed from using DisplayImplJ2D to DisplayImplJ3D because I was told
DisplayImplJ3D renders faster, though I am just doing simple line and
scatter graphs at the moment.