Re: Text/Shape Question

Hi Luke,

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Luke Matthews wrote:

> Hi Bill, thanks for that.
> I have copied the getLongitudes() out of VisADGeometry array and changed
> it so the VisADGeomtery is passed to the method. I am also passing the
> real type I would like and after a rough first cut it appears to be
> working okay.  My method signature looks something like:
> public static float [] getValues(DataRenderer renderer, boolean bulk,
> VisADGeometryArray array, RealType type) throws VisADException
> if anyone is interested in using this code I can email it along when I
> have finsihed.
> By the way, I also finished writing the offscreen rendering stuff and it
> works fine in versions of java3d >= 1.2.1.
> How it basicaly works is it attaches an offscreen canvas to the same
> view as the onscreen canvas. Then when you need to capture an image, the
> onscreen canvas tells the offscreen canvas to render and hey presto you
> have a beautiful image captured offscreen. No effects from overlaying
> dialogs or anything.
> again if anyone is interested I can write back with a more in depth
> explanation and code.

Can this code be put into a new class in the
package? Or does it require any modifications to existing
classes in visad.java3d?

If it can be isolated in a new class in, I'd be
happy to add it to the system.


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