Re: NVidia and texture maps

Hi Chris:

If possible could you also try JRE 1.4.2? I talked with Tom Rink today and he mentioned that was his setup, so it would be good to know if that combination also eliminates your problem...or if there are other issues.



Christopher.Moore@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Tom, Don, Doug, & list,

I'm running RH8 and Quadro4 500XGL, SDK 1.4.1_01, Java3D 1.3.1 beta, and I
_do_ have the "black bug"  - or at least my axes turn black willy-nilly,
though the texture-mapping demo programs seem to work fine (TextureTest
and TextureByReference)...


On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Don Murray wrote:

Hi Tom (and list)

Tom Rink wrote:


I'm running RedHat8 with a Nvidia Quadro4 900XGL.  I just installed
SDK 1.4.2_01 with Blackdown's Java3D 1.3.1 beta and the "black bug"
seems to have gone away.  I have Nvidia's most recent drivers installed.

This works for us also.  So far no problems with the beta

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