Re: Text/Shape Question

Hi LUke,

> At the moment we have a need to determine the bounding box of text
> rendered on the display. At the moment I have explored
> PlotText.render_font(). But I have got stuck converting the shape
> coordinates back into lat/lons. So my question is this, Is there any way
> to convert a coordinate in a VisADGeometryArray to the coordinate system
> used on the display?

There's an example of doing this in the getLongitudes() method
of visad/ But note this isn't for the
most general case, which may include a CoordinateSystem on the
data side (it does show how to deal with a CoordinateSystem on
the display side, and how to deal with ScalarMap scaling). But
usually (lat, lon) are the reference of a data side
CoordinateSystem, in which case it isn't necessary to deal
with the data side CoordinateSystem.


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