Re: JOGL and VisAD

Hi John,

I am CC'ing visad-list since this question is probably
interesting to others. I think there will be a port of
Java3D to OS X, perhaps by Java3D simply becoming open

If that doesn't happen, we will look for a Java binding
for OpenGL that transcends the "flavor of the year" that
we have seen with GL4Java, JOGL and others. Perhaps it
will be the binding that Sun and SGI announced they are
working on, or perhaps it will be JOGL.

If we do create a VisAD adapter for this, parallel to
the visad.java3d package. I estimate it will take half
a person year. Anyone have a spare US$100K to fund it?


On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, John Osborne wrote:

> Bill:
> Do you have any plans to support/redo a version of VisAD that works with
> JOGL ( As you know, Mac OS X does not have a
> Java3D implementation but supposedly supports JOGL. I think there is
> very little chance that Apple will do a Java3D port (according to a
> conversation I had with their Java technology manager a few weeks ago).
> To be honest, I'm not even sure JOGL could be used in place of Java3D
> but the very same manager at Apple claimed JOGL is the up and coming
> thing and Java3D has essentially been "end-of-lifed" at Sun. What's your
> take on this? Thanks in advance.
> oz