RE: regarding 2d image and boundary

Hi Ramesh,

>    you are very right. I missed the lower bound in the "color palette". I 
> guess
> I was in a hurry code something using VisAD that was earlier done using GMT. 
> There
> are reasons why this is being done and I know as much about VisAD as I know 
> about
> GMT, which is next to nothing.
>    So I really need help. My question is actually illustrated better 
> following your
> suggested modification. All the contours are filled, but why is there a huge 
> boundary
> surrounding the image. Is there any way the image could occupy the entire 
> space. I was
> told by someone who used Vis5D a long time ago, that there was something like 
> a
> "viewing distance", which if reduced to zero (or something similar) would 
> cause the
> image to occupy the entire space available. I would like to know if there is 
> something
> to that effect. I searched the API documentation, but couldn't find anything.

To do this, you need something like the rotate() method in
visad/examples/, except you want to zoom instead
of rotate and you only want to do this once rather than
repeatedly. The 4th argument to make_matrix() is the zoom
factor. You'll need to experiment with values other than
1.0 for zoom, but use 0.0 for all other arguments.

Good luck,

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