Re: ProductSet Display support

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Don Murray wrote:

> Doug-
> Doug Lindholm wrote:
> > I prefer to have my data shaped like (lon,lat,alt)->foo but my domain
> > set can be 100x100x25. I can't use a Linear3DSet because my altitudes
> > are not regularly spaced and a Gridded3DSet requires 250000 values, most
> > of which are redundant. As I understand it, I could define the set as a
> > ProductSet of 3 Gridded1DSets with 225 (100+100+25) values. Just thought
> > I'd try to reduce memory usage a bit. No Biggie.
> Well, I see your dilema.  I think though, that if you ever
> try to use the data, it will get expanded out even if it's a
> ProductSet, so you might not be saving much.

That's right. In general data gets expanded out in the
display logic, which consumes much more memory than the
data being displayed. One exception: there's display logic
to detect iso-surfaces of Linear3DSets to Cartesian display
coordinates without any CoordinateSystems (i.e., so the
sampling is linear in the display), and in that case compute
the iso-surface without expanding sample locations (this
could be called the Vis5D optimization).