Re: VisAD and visualization

Hi Ramesh,

I'm CC'ing the list since this question si appropriate there.

All the VisAD references are linked on the web page. Ugo's
tutorial is a very good place to start. For an overview, look
at these:


On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Mantri, Mr. Ramesh wrote:

> Bill,
>    I am working on a certain Java web-app project - as a part of trying to 
> earn my living (no inheritance -
> my ancestors weren't aware of Object-Oriented Concepts), as you might 
> understand.
> One aspect of the problem deals with image generation for weather products. 
> Someone (not me) wrote
> a Tcl/Tk script that invokes GMT and ghostscript. The images generated are 
> pretty good, except for this
> project time is a constraint. I was told to look for a Java solution to the 
> problem and got thrown in this
> strange (for me) land of visualization.
> It has been a few days since I got acquainted with VisAD. I have been 
> browsing through the tutorial,
> examples, mailing-list etc. Allow me to mention that VisAD is great stuff. I 
> can't compare it to other
> similar software such as perhaps GMT, GRADS etc, since I am very new to this 
> stuff. But from what
> I have seen, a few lines of VisAD code can produce amazing graphics.
> For the short-term, a lazy alternative would be to propose the problem on the 
> mailing-list and wait for
> solutions. It works sometimes. I prefer to learn it the hard way. Could you 
> please recommend a good
> reference (perhaps a book) that explains VisAD concepts in greater detail?
> I am also interested in learning some fundamentals of visualization concepts 
> such as zooming, image
> generation etc. A good reference might help. I didn't think I needed to post 
> this in the mailing-list, since
> you might not mind suggesting a good reference or two. Thank you for your 
> time.
> sincerely,
> Ramesh