Re: How to animate 2 parameters

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Wilson, Andrew, J wrote:

> My program takes a number of parameters whose optimal values
> need to be tested.
> I can reduce this to 2 parameters each taking about 20
> different values.
> Is there a handy way to animate 2 parameters?

Please be more specific. Are your parameters independent
or dependent variables in your MathType(s)? You can
map more than one RealType to Animation, as long as they
don't occur in the same tree-branch of the MathType (i.e.,
in most cases this means they must occur in two different
Data objects). And there are other ways to animate besides
ScalarMaps to Animation. If you mean animate two
dependent variables like a and b in (index -> (a, b))
then just map index -> Animation and map both a and b to
some appropriate RealType like XAxis or YAxis.


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