Re: Weird display problem

I am now calling reAutoScale before adding references to any 
of my layers, and calling setContourControl after adding any IsoContour
mappings, and there is no obvious effect. The code blocks are getting
executed - I inserted some debugging output which is showing up fine.

Also, this happens forever. If I remove the first model, the second one
displays fine. If I then add the first model again (let's call it the
third model now), I must remove the second model before the third will
show up.

I'm happy to try to strip the code down as far as possible, but I took
out the most obvious GUI logic that could be interfering. Have you ever
seen anything like this before? I mean, I have a lot of confidence in
VisAD, so my gut says it's probably my fault, but I can't see anything
obvious. Maybe you can suggest where things like this have happened in
the past...

What seems interesting to me is that it seems to me like that data is
being added to the display, but not being drawn. The "please wait"
appears that I associate usually with the initial rendering of data to
the display. The wait time after removing the first model until the
second model's data appears is minimal.

So it seems that VisAD is doing whatever work it needs to do to
calculate whether the contour line displays should be, but not actually
rendering them to the display.


> Thanks for the detail. Here's a couple things to try:
> 1. When you add the model "SST-GLOBAL", call:
>   display.reAutoScale();
> before you call display.addReference().
> 2. If that doesn't fix the problem, then call the
> setContourInterval() method of the ContourControl for your
> ScalarMap SST-GLOBAL-ST--SFC -> DisplayIsoContour sometime
> after you've passed the ScalarMap to display.addMap().
> Let us know if this fixes the problem.

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