Re: Resampling

Hi Elin,

Its a good idea to send questions to visad-list rather than
just to  me.

There are several reasons to resample: 1) reduce data size,
2) so volume rendering or texture mapping will work, 3) to
combine data arithmetically (in this case the resample will
be done implicitly), 4) and perhaps others.

No need to resample if you will then simply call evaluate().


On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Elin Sivertsen wrote:

> Hi...
> Once I asked, after resampling (from an Irregular3DSet using DelaunayWatson
> to a Linear3DSet):
> Is there any available method that get the range value in one point?
> Smthing like getRangeValueAt(x, y, z)? (In this case, forget interactive
> operations)
> You answered (I really appreciate that, thank you!)"You can use the
> evaluate(RealTuple)
> method to do this. And it will return NaN for a (x, y, z) outside the convex
> hull of an
> IrregularSet."
> If I resamples from one IrregularSet to another IrregularSet, then i would
> expect not
> finding any values outside the convex hull.
> But when resampling from an Irregular3DSet to a Linear3DSet and use
> temporField.evaluate(pointTuple, resampMode, errorMode) at any point inside
> the defined area,
> I thought there was no convex hull to deal with. And if there still is a
> convex hull here,
> then what's the point in resampling?!
> Elin
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