New price list for mp3 player, digital camera, cd/vcd/mp3 player and USB flash drive!

Dear valued customer,

We are a professional manufacturer of mp3 player, cd/vcd/mp3 player, digital 
camera and USB 
flash drive in Shenzhen, China.

Please see the price of some products:
mp3 player with digital recorder and USB flash drive
64M 39USD      128M   52USD

cd/vcd/mp3 player (3 function in 1)

digital camera
300K pixels  15.5USD      1.3M pixels    24USD

PC camera
13USD 350K pixel

USB flash drive
64M  17.9USD       128M  29.9USD      256M  54.9USD     

If you have interest, please contact us and we will give you the detailed 
catalogue and price 

We always try our best to attract our clients with unbeatable prices and 
quality. Our goal is 
to treat every client the same as the most potential business partner.So 
however the client is 
big or small,we offer the best service. 

Any question, please contact me at any time.
Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Frank Ho
General Manager
HY Technology (Hong Kong) Company Ltd.

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