Multiple flow ScalarMaps


I'm trying to put multiple fields on a display, each being displayed as
wind barbs.  This is for viewing multiple weather models.

So, there is multiple data on the display, of the form:


With ScalarMaps


I'd like to be able to control the length of the wind barbs separately
for each field, which is done via the FlowControls from
ScalarMap.getControl().  However, setting the flow scale for the U2 and
V2 ScalarMaps' FlowControls affects the length of the wind barbs for the
(U1,V1) data.

_From reading and it seems that
this is because Flow1X and Flow1Y are "single" DisplayRealTypes, and
there is only one instance of each per display.  Is there a way around

Is it possible to set flow scale separately for different data on the
one display?


Russell Steicke

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