I'm looking for an efficient way to store data on disk for quick access via VisAD. My data look something like:

  time -> ( (x,y,z) -> (a,b,c) )

and I'd like to cache a subset of the time samples for optimal performace.

I assume I want to use FileField (or FileFlatField?) but I'm not sure how to proceed. I intend to have a "server" with a large amount of data available via RemoteDataReferences. I'd populate the server by reading in data the usual way then dumping them to files. One big question is how should I create those files and read them. Should I use VisAD serialized or binary format (via VisADForm) or should I roll my own format and maybe use java.nio's memory-mapped IO?

It would help if I understood the difference between a Form (e.g. VisADForm) and a FileAccessor.

Any suggestions?


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