Quite some time ago I tried using the Java printing API. I ran into a
bunch of problems back then, and sounds like it hasn't gotten much

I was also printing the bufferedImage. However, I found that unless you
were very careful with your scaling and image sizes, strange results
would occur. I would do things like make sure your image is correctly
scaled, is set to the same resolution that you are printing, etc...

What kind of alteration? 

Sorry I don't have the answer though!


At 07:19 PM 8/25/2003, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>              I am trying to print a 2D display..but the colors are
altered when i try to print the display. I use display.getImage() to get
bufferedImage and then print the bufferedImage.
>             Can anyone give me some idea what's going wrong here?

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