Re: Data not rendering as IsoContour

Hi Russell,

> >   if (contour_needs_initialize) {
> >     renderer.getDisplay().reAutoScale();
> >     contour_needs_initialize = false;
> >   }
> >   dataRef.setData(field);
> >   renderer.toggle(true);
> >
> > Please let us know if this solves the problem.
> Yes, that does fix the behaviour, and we now see contour lines without
> having to call setContourInterval().
> Would you like us to keep digging deeper into this, as I would expect
> that the contours should be rescaled at each setData()?

Auto-scaling specifically is not supposed to happen at
each call to setData(). No need for you to dig into this,
as I understand what is going on. I'll have to think about
what change may be appropriate.