Re: netCDF and other things

Hi Guys,

> Hmm, I guess the cursor readout doesn't look at the override unit,
> but only displays in the default unit of the ScalarMap.
> So, unless Bill thinks we should change this, I don't know
> of another way.

Actually, the cursor readout embedded in the display does
use the override unit. You can see it at about line 648 of in the setCursorStringVector() method.
But the format Kevin is complaining about, such as:

  SlantRange: xxx.xxxxx 1000.0 m
  Height: yyy.yyyyy 1000.0 m

looks like its using km as the Unit but just using the wrong
String for km, namely '1000.0 m'. I recall there's a way to
change the String for a Unit, but cannot recall or quickly
find it. Perhaps Steve can tell us.

Good luck,

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