Re: Display.LineWidth Gridded3DSet

Hi Rakesh,

Are you using the DirectX version of Java3D? Last I checked,
the DirectX version had a problem where line and point sizes
were broken. Try the OpenGL version instead.


At 01:23 PM 8/14/2003, Rakesh Rathod wrote:
>    hi everyone,
>                  I am using Gridded3DSet to construct a line. I want the line 
> to  be of different width and color.I used constantMaps ...color works fine 
> but i am not getting LineWidth as expected.Can anyone give me some idea?      
>       ConstantMap[] nclColorMap = {new ConstantMap(0.0f, Display.Red),
>                                        new ConstantMap(1.0f, Display.Green),
>                                        new ConstantMap(0.5f, Display.Blue),
>                                        new ConstantMap(2.0f, 
> Display.LineWidth)};
>        display.addReference(nclLine_ref, nclColorMap); 
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