Re: DEM and GeoTIFF to VisAD

Hi Don,

I am just getting ready to do something similar to what you are describing to use for visualizing a radar beam path and where it may possibly intersect with the terrain surrounding the radar.

I am still getting my feet wet with VisAD and had planned on using Ugo's example 6.6 from his tutorial as a guide. I was going to try and write a DEMViewer of sorts (but now that you have brought Ugo's DEMViewer to my attention, I may try to use his) and place a DataReferenceImpl in the DEM data.

One end of the line would be anchored at he radar site and the other end would be used to "sweep" around the X-Y 2D domain. The terrain along the line would be displayed in an adjacent window in an X-Z 2D display - again similar to Ugo's example 6.6.

(please see for an idea of this project)

I don't know if I am adding much to your inquiry, but it sounds like I am working along the same lines as you are. Please feel free to contact me for additional questions.


Don Murray wrote:

It's been a while since I asked this question so just I'm
just probing the list to see if anyone has:

- developed a reader of USGS 7.5 minute DEM data that generates VisAD
  objects.  The purpose would be to:
   - display the DEM as an isosurface, contour lines and or
     mesh (like Ugo's DEMViewer does)
   - create vertical topographic slices in any direction.

  If no one has already done this, then I'd like some input
  on the best way to structure the data.   A depiction of the data
  can be found at:

  and a fuller description at:

  Basically, it is comprised of a set of equally spaced profiles
  along UTM easting line. Each profile may be a different length and the
  UTM easting value (X) is constant. I was thinking of having
  a FlatField of (UTM_X, UTM_Y) -> Z, but I'm not sure what
  to use for the domain set.  Maybe an Irregular2DSet of
  float[num_UTMX_points][] and for each UTMX array, I would
  have the number of UTM_Y points?

- Is anyone working on a GeoTIFF to VisAD adapter?

Thanks for the help.

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
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Kevin L. Manross        [KD5MYD]               (405)-366-0557
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