Re: Package private construtors in Irregular3DSet

Hi Olav,

> Why are the construtors, with the copy flag, of the Irregular3DSet
> package private? In this case the DelaunayCustom object that is passed
> to the construtor will allways be copied. The problem is, that if i want
> to visualize a medium sized domain, the Delaunay object has a peak
> memory consumption of 420MB. As a results it ends in a remarkable
> temporary memory usage of my code and sometime in a OutOfMemoryException.
> So the question is, is it possible to make the constructors public, or
> are there any reasons to leave it in the current state?

I have changed all the Irregular3DSet constructors to public.
I don't know when we will update the VisAD ftp server, but
feel free to make the change in your copy. Originally I didn't
make constructors with 'copy' public, because they allow
applications to alter samples values after the constructor,
which can result in inconsistencies and Exceptions.


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