Data not rendering as IsoContour


We have a strange problem with ScalarMaps and rendering with IsoContour.
Under certain circumstances the data will render correctly, but most of
the time the data will not be displayed at all.

We've tried to duplicate the behaviour with a simple example, but
haven't been able to do that.

The symptoms are that when we have data mapped to IsoContour, nothing
will be displayed.  If we then add a ScalarMap from D to RGB or Red or
Green or Blue or ZAxis, where D is any data that is actually present on
the display, all the IsoContour mapped data will appear, including data
unrelated to D.  We can also make the IsoContour mapped data appear by
explicitly calling setContourInterval() on a ContourControl, which will
make _all_ the IsoContour mapped data appear, not just the data
associated with that ContourControl.

There are obviously workarounds here, but it would be better to find out
where the problem lies.  Does anyone have any ideas about this?


Russell Steicke

-- Fortune says:
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