Re: VisADLineArray vs. Gridded2DSet

Hi Leah,

> Everytime I've mentioned using a VisADLineArray, I've been encouraged to
> use a Gridded2DSet.  Could someone please outline for me the pros and cons
> of using VisADLineArrays and Gridded2DSets?  Why do Gridded2DSets seem to
> be preferred?

Because the numbers you put into a Gridded2DSet are RealType
values (e.g., pressure, latitude) with Units, CoordinateSystems,
etc. When you display them, ScalarMaps scaling, Unit conversions,
coordinate transforms, etc are done implicitly as needed. The
numbers you put into a VisADLineArray for Shape are in XYZ
graphics coordinates, so you must explicitly manage ScalarMap
scalaing, etc.

> Also, is there an example of how to use a VisADLineStripArray?  I've
> searched for one, but haven't found any yet.

There are examples of VisADLineArray in the Test27, Test46 and
Test47 programs in visad/examples. There is no example using
VisADLineStripArray, but its just a more space-efficient
variation on VisADLineArray.