Re: VisADLineArray vs. Gridded2DSet

Hi Leah,

I'm sure you'll get some good answers from others, but here is my take.

To use VisADLineStripArray (or any other subclass of VisADGeometryArray) you need to use VisAD's support for shapes (e.g. ScalarMap to Display.Shape and ShapeControl). This is not the most intuitive thing to do. Letting VisAD draw the lines based upon a Gridded2DSet of points is often the easiest thing to do. If you want to make your own shapes (a.k.a. symbols, glyphs) then you may want to use VisADGeometryArrays.


Leah Heiss wrote:
Hello list

Everytime I've mentioned using a VisADLineArray, I've been encouraged to
use a Gridded2DSet.  Could someone please outline for me the pros and cons
of using VisADLineArrays and Gridded2DSets?  Why do Gridded2DSets seem to
be preferred?

Also, is there an example of how to use a VisADLineStripArray?  I've
searched for one, but haven't found any yet.



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