Re: Edge color problem

Hi Doug,

> I seem to recall this coming up before but I can't find anything in the
> archives.
> I have a simple FlatField with some values set to NaN. When rendered
> with texture disabled, the edges of the data depiction (next to the NaN
> values) don't have the correct color (usually white). See the attached
> image (tiny snip) and sample code below.
> Is this a VisAD bug or a deeper graphics problem? I see it on all
> platforms (Linux and Windows with jdk1.4+ and Java3D 1.3) I've tested
> (though the edge is black on some).

Thanks for the test program and the image. However, when
I run your test program I don't get the white border
shown in your image. For me, the image is quite similar
with or without texture mapping. I'm running JDK 1.4.1_01
and Java3D 1.3.1 on Sparc Solaris. Maybe someone else can


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