Re: refreshing 3D display

Hi Rakesh,

>                I have implemented a popup menu for DisplayImplJ3D.The menu 
> works fine but display is not restored when i am done with popup menu.Gray 
> spot appears on display area where popup menu was triggered..
>               Is there any way to refresh the display?

This probably has something to do with the Java3D renderer
Thread being notified by AWT of the popup event. If I iconize
a DisplayImplJ3D Frame and then open it up again, it
re-renders fine. Similarly if I obscure a DisplayImplJ3D Frame
with another window, then bring it back to the top. In these
cases the Java3D renderer is being notified by AWT of the
events. Also, I have seen people use DisplayImpls in JTabPanes

If you can supply a simple test program that demonstrates the
problem, I'll run it.


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