Re: VisADLineStripArray

Hi Leah,

> Could someone point me towards an example of how to use
> VisADLineStripArray?
> I'm trying to draw a coastline on my display.  I have a list of coordinates
> describing various points along the coast and I'd like to connect the dots.

You could theoretically draw coastlines as VisADLineStripArrays
using ScalarMaps to Shape (see and in
visad/examples), but its much easier to draw them as a UnionSet
of Gridded2DSets with manifold dimension = 2. This is what does for displaying coastlines from
McIDAS map files. See the program in visad/examples
for an example. Note the Sets have MathType:

  Set(RealType.Latitude, RealType.Longitude)

Good luck,

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