Re: Workshop

Hi Kevin,

> I wasn't sure if this should be posted to the list, but wanted to ask
> you if there has ever been any thought of holding a VisAD workshop of
> any kind.

I've CC'ed the list in case others are interested. There are no plans
for a VisAD workshop. In the past the EPA organized a couple of Vis5D
courses and invited me to teach, and I would certainly cooperate
similarly in any VisAD workshop. I think a focus of this summer's
Unidata workshop was the IDV, which uses VisAD. Last year I taught
2 months about VisAD/Python at a vis course here at UW (cross listed
between the Art and Nuclear Engineering Departments!). And over the
years I taught courses many times at Siggraph, IEEE Visualization,
SuperComputing and AMS conferences. Tom Whittaker is an excellent
teacher and I think taught a VisAD course in Australia a couple years
ago. And it seems to me that Don Murray taught a VisAD course at
NCAR a couple years ago.


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