Re: Offscreen rendering of 3D display images

> I'm still not getting all the info on my plots before the capture.
> I'm missing a couple IsoContour maps and my axis labels.  Also, my
> RGB colors are way off.  The background is a bright green (my code is
> setting it to blue) and the color gradation is backwards (blue indicates
> high values, red low -- should be blue = low values, red = high values).

Ok.  The IsoContours are showing up now (that was my coding mistake).
But, the colors are still displaying funny.  When I run the same code and
display the fields in a JPanel, they show up with the right color scheme.
What could be going wrong?

> One other interesting tidbit...  I can open the created jpg's with Gimp,
> but Mozilla won't open them saying "File ... cannot be displayed, because
> it contains errors".  So, Gimp likes the files but Mozilla doesn't.
> Strange.

I still haven't figured this part out yet...


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