Re: Example P4_07

Hi Jay,

> I am new the VisAD library and I am trying to display
> several layers (DataReferences) with different
> ScalarMaps.  (I want the layers to have different
> color ranges with the top layer a slightly
> tranparent.)
> Is it possible to assign a different ScalarMap to each
> layer?

A ScalarMap will apply to all occurences of its ScalarType
in Data linked to the display. There is no way to limit it
to one DataReference.

However, you can use the changeMathType(MathType new_type)
method of Data to change all occurrences of a ScalarType in
a Data object to a different ScalarType, so that a given
ScalarType only occurs in the Data linked in one DataReference.

You can pass ConstantMaps with DataReferences to the
addReference() method of DisplayImpl, and these are
associated with just that DataReference.

Good luck,