RE: RE: mouse clicking multiple cells

Hi Michelle,

Is this the right way to specify if the "control" key is being pressed?:

>if (e.getModifiers() == InputEvent.CTRL_MASK) {  //check if it is a mouse 
>click AND control button held down

No. First of all, this only detects if the ONLY modifier flag is CTRL.
Often (always?) there are other modifiers. That's why you need to test
it by masking like:
   e.getModifiers() & InputEvent.CTRL_MASK != 0

Also, I am unsure whether the CTRL_MASK flag is carried over into the
DisplayEvent, which is why I suggested testing against the associated
InputEvent instead.

>Do you think my implementation of DisplayListener is not completely overriding 
>the old implementation of selecting cells? My code is being detected but for 
>some reason, it's still allowing a user to just click with the mouse too.

It's possible. Put a print statement in the original implementation
to find out. Also try putting print statements in selectCell and other
places where you are curious.


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