I am setting up mappings in my own methods. I'm trying to determine when those 
mappings will throw BadMappingExceptions after they are set up and before I 
display them. So I want to find out if the set of mappings I constructed will 
throw a BadMappingException and still keep those "bad" mappings.

A couple of exceptions I get are :
"mapped to multiple spatial DisplayTupleType-s: ShadowScalarType"  and
"DisplayRealType-s occur from multiple spatial DisplayTupleType-s: 

I was looking through the code before the first exception:

        if (tuple != null) {
          if (DisplaySpatialTuple != null) {
            if (!tuple.equals(DisplaySpatialTuple)) {
              // this mapped to multiple spatial DisplayTupleType-s
              ScalarType real = (ScalarType) Type;
              throw new BadMappingException(real.getName() +
                         "mapped to multiple spatial DisplayTupleType-s: " +
I'm not sure what this section of code is accomplishing  if 
(!tuple.equals(DisplaySpatialTuple)) {

Also, does the set of spatial display scalars with xaxis, yaxis, zaxis also 
include latitude, longitude, radius? I thought that if these fields were in the 
same "set" or "grouping", a  mapping can only map to 1 of those fields without 
throwing an exception. But it does not throw an excpetion when you map 2 fields 
to the x and y axis, for example

Similarly, for the flow display scalars, we cannot map input fields to more 
than 1 of flow1X, flow1Y, and flow1Z, right? Or is it that we can only have 
*one* field mapped to the group of flow1X, flow1Y, flow1Z, flow1Elevation, 
flow1Azimuth, and flow1Radial? Basically, are the following the groupings the 
way that the parameters are grouped? If so, is it true that we can only map our 
input fields to just one of the fields in each of those groups? (not including 
x, y, z axis):

Spatial Display Scalars: x,y,zaxis, latitude, longitude, radius
cylindrical: cylRadius, cylAzimuth, cylZAxis
color display scalars: red, green, blue, RGB, etc 
another group (that hasn't been throwing exceptions): selectvalue, selectrange, 
iso contour
flow scalars: flow1X, Y, Z, flow1elevation, azimuth, radial
2nd set flow scalars: flow2X,Y,Z, flow2elevation, azimuth, radial
spatial offset display scalars: xaxis,y, z offset

Lastly, do you know why I get exceptions complaining about DisplayTupleTypes 
when I'm not constructing those in the mappings I set up?


Michelle Kam           (408) 742-2881
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. SSM/ATC/MSIS
B/153 O/L922 
1111 Lockheed Martin Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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